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Mission Vision & Purpose Statements
  • Provide the highest quality facilities feasible, maintained to the greatest degree possible.  These facilities will be constructed in such a way that they are fully accessible to the physically disabled, but yet still 'blend-in' with the surroundings portraying a 'camp-like' atmosphere.
  • Include purposeful activities that lead to spiritual growth and understanding of life lessons.
  • Emphasize the Gospel in all we do, in camp and elsewhere as well.
  • Seek, hire and retain staff members that have a zeal for ministry.
  • Never choose activity over ministry.
  • Focus on doing what we do 'as unto the Lord.'  If we are going to do it, we will do it well, if we cannot do it, or are unwilling to do it right, we will find some other thing to do, and never apologize for only doing what we can do well.
  • We see that the simplicity and necessity of the Gospel have been forgotten, lost and in many cases outright ignored in our culture.  Denominationalism in this country is not helping to alleviate this growing problem.
  • We fear that summer camping has become more of an industry than a ministry in practice in too many instances.  Facilities are competing for a finite number of youth to attend their activities often by spending ever-increasing dollars on programmatic distractions.
Therefore, it is our vision for White Harvest Camp to provide a uniquely simple and outdoorsy resident camping experience that focuses on God, His Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; and how they each seek to and indeed do participate in our lives on a continual basis.  We feel strongly that rather than entering into the ever-rising competition for children that are being courted with expensive gear and programs, we should, instead focus on a largely ignored group… special needs youth and children.  We of course will not neglect others who wish to join us.

  • We shall provide a place that will help youth, staff and adults leave the trappings of today's world behind them and focus on God.
  • We will strive to re-introduce the necessity of salvation to our world, even though our culture teaches that we are meeting our own needs.
  • We must avoid the 'chase' that many camps are involved in, and instead focus on the core things: Interaction with God and His creation, spiritual, mental, and physical growth of the campers, and maintaining and growing the quality of our ministry staff.
  • We will minister to a group of individuals largely overlooked by camping ministry.
Hence, it is our purpose for White Harvest Camp to foster an atmosphere that is conducive to a growing awareness of the simplicity of our existence and our need for God.  It is also our purpose for White Harvest Ministries, Inc. through our programs and operational divisions to reach out to, challenge and encourage the growth of our staff, 'campers' and their families, as well as the community at large with God's message of salvation.  We will focus our efforts on providing a suitable camping experience to youth and children with physical disability.

Mission Vision & Purpose Statements
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